Medical Malpractice

Problem: Plaintiff went to Defendant Doctor for routine colonoscopy and endoscopy. During the endoscopy, Defendant performed a dilation procedure, to which Plaintiff did not consent. Later that evening, Plaintiff began vomiting blood and was transported to the hospital. He was immediately taken to the operating room, where the operating surgeon discovered lacerations on his esophagus, resulting in life threatening injuries and an extensive treatment course.

Solution: Plaintiff contacted us and we determined that the best solution was to pursue a medical malpractice claim against Defendant for negligence in failing to exercise the degree of care, skill and judgment that a physician should exercise when conducting an endoscopy and for performing an unconsented procedure.

Result: Mr. Altopiedi was able to show that Defendant's negligence proximately caused severe injuries to Plaintiff, and Plaintiff received a seven figure settlement for the injuries he sustained.