Water Penetration (Failure to Disclose)

Problem: Plaintiff Buyers purchased a single family house from Defendant Seller. Prior to settlement, Plaintiffs contacted Defendant Inspector to conduct a home inspection. Defendant inspector informed Plaintiffs that a moisture inspection was unecessary. However, a few months after Plaintiffs moved in, they noticed evidence of water penetration. Plaintiffs engaged a moisture inspection service which reported evidence of longstanding water penetration and substantial damage to the structure.

Solution: Plaintiffs contacted us and we decided to pursue a claim against Defendant Seller for negligence, fraud and misrepresentation in intentionally failing to disclose the water penetration problems and concealed damage, as well as a claim against Defendant Inspector for negligence, violation of unfair trade practices, breach of contract, and fraud in inadequately inspecting the property.

Result: Mr. Altopiedi worked to ensure that Plaintiffs received substantial compensation for the costly repairs to the house.