Workers' Compensation

Problem: Claimant was a union operating engineer who suffered a work-related injury to his shoulder and neck. After receiving temporary compensation benefits, he accepted a "light duty" job from his employer. Claimant was eventually threatened by his employer to perform more strenuous tasks, which he physically could not perform. His condition worsened, and he underwent shoulder surgery. Claimant was offered another "light duty" position at a different location with his employer, to which he did not report on the advice of his physician. His employer refused to reinstate his benefits.

Solution: Claimant contacted us about the issue, and we decided that the best solution was to file a petition to reinstate his workers' compensation benefits. Ms. Casasanto zealously worked to show that the "light duty" position offered did not comply with the Claimant doctor's restrictions, and his employer's failing to reinstate benefits was a violation of the Workers' Compensation Act.

Result: A six figure lump sum settlement was reached.